Support Equitable Access to Safe & Clean Drinking Water

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Dear Virginia Legislators, 


Although access to clean water is essential for everyday life, there are numerous Virginia families across the state that have been and continue to be locked out of equitable access to water. Pollutants from industry, antiquated water infrastructure, and rate increases are all threats to safe, clean water for rural communities, low-income populations, and communities of color. This access threat to safe drinking water and higher vulnerability to contaminants disproportionately impacts these communities leading to increased exposure to water-related illnesses.  In fact, access to water as a resource for life is increasingly threatened by sea-level rise, drought, and privatization for all of us.


This year, The Human Right to Water Resolution passed in Virginia, calling for state legislators to recognize water as a basic human right. This is only the first step in the campaign to ensure all current and future Virginians have access to affordable water during times of pandemic and at times of peace. It is imperative that we continue prioritizing the protection of drinkable, potable water for Virginia residents.  As a person of conscience,  I believe we have a moral obligation to ensure that at no point, a human right to clean water is ever taken away. Water is life, and Virginians deserve to have their right to water be protected.  


As a person of faith, I encourage you to prioritize the human right to water and respond to the experiences and challenges to water access that your constituents are experiencing. Every human being has the right to safe, clean, affordable, and accessible water adequate for human consumption, cooking, and sanitation purposes. 



Thank you for supporting the Human Right to Water! Have you or your community ever experienced challenges to water access? Virginia Interfaith Power & Light wants to hear your experiences.  


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