Support SB 1447: Utility Shut-off Protections

Tomorrow the House Commerce and Energy - Special Subcommittee #5 will read and vote on an environmental justice bill, SB 1447, establishing utility disconnection limitations for non-payment under certain conditions. Your legislator is on the committee that will vote on SB 1447.

SB 1447 codifies shut-off policies applicable to electric, gas, and water utilities when (i) during extreme hot or cold weather and (ii) on Fridays, weekends, and legal holidays. Virginia is one of seven states without a policy to protect customers with unpaid bills from losing electric, gas, and water services during high-risk periods, such as during very hot or cold weather or any public health emergency. Tens of thousands of Virginians struggle to pay their utility bills every year – and risk disconnection. You can learn more about SB 1447 here.

Please take a moment now to let your Delegate know that you support SB 1447. Thank you!


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